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Adaware SE is the latest version of the Adaware spyware removal software. Adaware has a well known name due to good marketing. Adaware does not rate as well as other spyware removal software. It offers decent protection.

They have improved the interface in this version. Unfortunately, it is still confusing for the user. Many of the advanced features are buried in the interface making them hard for the average user to find.

  • Detect spyware that is running in system memory.
  • Check the system startup settings for signs of spyware.
  • Check and block the Internet browser from being hijacked.
  • Will clean the system registry of spyware.
  • Will delete spyware cookies.
  • It will flag spyware software for deletion.

Adaware has worked hard to improve their product. It is more than adequate to detect and remove spyware and malware. Adaware has added a scheduler function that makes the software much better. You can now schedule scans.

In 2007 Adaware redesigned the software engine of the Adaware program. This redesign has increased the ability of Adaware to protect your privacy and safeguard your private files. Adaware has improved tremendously and is closing the gap toward being the number one spyware removal software. Some features helping Adaware improve are:

  • Track Sweep: This module in the software will clear away all traces left behind by your web browser. This leaves no history for adware and spyware to utilize.
  • RegShield: This module will protect your system registry. It will stop registry changes and warn you of the offending software.
  • Incremental Updates: Adaware updates itself incrementally. Using small chunks to update means the software is updated very quickly.
  • Multiple browser support. It works with all browsers available today. It works well to prevent unwanted advertising in the form of pop-up advertising.

The new Adaware gives total control to the user. We have to say that Adaware is constantly improving. We would still like to see the more advanced features made available in an easy manner.

Overall, Adaware is a great spyware removal program. Adaware does offer a free version of the software. The free version does not have real time protection. If you want real time protection you have to buy the product. All the other features are included in the free version.

Try the free version and if you like the product you can buy the full version. This try before you buy is a tremendous advantage for the consumer. Adaware was one of the first spyware removal programs and is always working to improve. Give it a try.

Recommended - NoAdware Anti-Spyware made easy, scan free now.

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