Spyware Doctor

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Spyware Doctor is a spyware removal software product that is designed for the Windows operating system. The program is developed by PC Tools and is marketed as shareware.

Note: What is Shareware?

Shareware is basically “Try before you Buy” software. You download shareware for free and use it for a certain amount of time, usually a month. After the trial period is over you must buy the program. Shareware is awesome because you get to see if you will like the program before you buy it. Support shareware.

Some of Spyware Doctors features are:

  • Scans the registry.
  • Removes cookies.
  • Scans the system memory.
  • Thoroughly scans the hard drive.
  • Includes real time protection.

Spyware Doctor works well at removing installed spyware. It also works well to protect your system from future infestations. It will attempt to block you from saving an infected file on your computer. Spyware also looks at your Internet browsers for unwanted spyware.

You can find Spyware Doctor at your local superstore and online. It is available as a full retail product or you can download the shareware version. Normally, you would purchase a one year subscription and this subscription would automatically renew every year. Most anti-virus and anti-spyware programs work in this manner. You should be aware that your credit card will be charged again automatically. If you do not want this to happen you must “Cancel” your subscription.

If you are interested in Spyware Doctor you should make sure you get the latest version. They have worked hard to give the new version a small memory foot print. Feel obligated to say that earlier versions had many complaints that the program was a memory hog and often took over the computer. Be sure the version you are downloading is the latest version.

Spyware Doctor will find spyware that other programs will not find. As with any anti-spyware you should be careful using this product. When you delete registry entries or software programs there is always the possibility to damage your computer.

Spyware Doctor is so popular it was included in the Google Pack in March 2007. It is a very powerful, easy to use, spyware removal program. Try it free and see if it might be the spyware removal tool for you.

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