Spybot Search and Destroy

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Spybot Search and Destroy is probably the best known free spyware removal software. The name Spybot is well known among computer users. The fact that it is free helps too. Spybot is excellent at finding and removing spyware that is already on your computer. This is important because some software will only protect you and not remove software.

Spybot is very good at identifying and removing spyware and malware programs. These programs can slow your computer to a crawl. Spybot will get your computer running smooth again. Spybot is also very good at immunizing your PC and keeping it from getting infected. This prevention is a very nice feature.

Some of the Spybot features are:

  • Speed: Spybot is very fast. The program knows where spyware resides and searches there first. Searches can take just a few minutes.
  • Simple: Spybot is not complicated. It is very ease to utilize.
  • Go Back: Spybot allows you to revert back to a previous system setting. This is an important feature.
  • Easy listing: When threats are found they show up in the “search and destroy” window in red. You simply select them and choose fix selected programs.

Spybot has an easy to use customizable interface. It is easy to customize and use. The Spybot database is updated regularly. Spybot will automatically update when it needs to. Spybot Search and Destroy has an “immunize” control that other spyware programs do not have. It offers the opportunity to keep spyware from being installed on your computer.

If you are concerned with securing your PC, Spybot is an excellent choice. Offers you security at the ultimate affordable price; free.

Recommended - NoAdware Anti-Spyware made easy, scan free now.

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