Spyware Blaster

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Spyware Blaster is an anti-spyware/adware program that is offered as freeware. Spyware Blaster is developed by Javacool Software and the latest installment is version 4.0. It is designed for the Windows operating system and is considered a Spyware blocker.

What is Freeware?

Freeware is software that is offered for free with no obligation. Users can update the software for free. The programmer usually asks that the users donate to his or her efforts. Donations keep the software free to use in the future. If you benefit from using freeware you should donate to the programmer.

Spyware Blaster is different from other anti-spyware programs. It does not remove spyware but prevents it from being installed. For this reason, you should install Spyware Blaster on a clean, new operating system install. By installing Spyware Blaster on a new system install you will prevent spyware/malware from ever being installed on your system. This spyware prevention approach works really well to protect your computer system.

Spyware Blaster will not remove spyware that has already infested your computer. Spyware Blaster will block the installation of most adware, browser hijacks, dialers, and most ActiveX based spyware. Spyware Blasters knows the identifier of known spyware and blocks the software from being installed.

Spyware Blaster works well with other spyware removal software. It provides a one two punch protecting your system. Other spyware software work well at removing software that is already installed and Spyware Blaster excels at blocking future infestations.

Spyware Blaster also allows you to block websites that are known distributers of spyware and malware. It can also prevent your browser from downloading cookies. Cookies are one of the many ways spyware is installed on your computer.

Spyware Blaster is free. You will have to pay for the Auto Update feature. This feature checks and keeps your software up to date. If you like the software you should donate and pay for the “Up Date” feature.

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